linda aileen
        Linda Aileen began her art career as a child when she would redraw coloring books to make new pictures to color. She focused her efforts on horses winning art awards in the process.
She aquired her  Bachelor of Fine Arts at Long Beach State University. She has since worked in ad design, educational Childrens book illustrations, logo design, catalog design and illustrations, art rubber stamp design, and product design for clocks.  She also designed and produced  free standing bird houses in the shapes of birds, tea pots and old fashioned stoves.
Linda has now developed computer art. Each piece is drawn in ink, then scanned in to the computer, colored and printed as an original work of  art. Later these pieces became her inspiration for her original 24x36 canvas fabric collages.
Her unique style can be a welcome addition to any collection. Bring some of Lindas color in to your life.