We had 14 artists each paint their individual styles on the horse.  Names below, reading left to right we in attendance. Those in bold were the artists. Click on them to see more of their works.
Dave Freeman
John Sevil
Mary Balloqui
Al Balloqui
Beverly Sivils
Gloria Huff
Phil Huff
Jacque Petersen
Bob Olson
John Breathwaite
Zane Wogee
Dave Jameson
Bill McKinley
Arlene McKinley
Cathy Jameson
Doris Smith
Linda Aileen
Toni Wombaker
Zachary Wogee
Yvonne Jensen
Julie Sivils
Alysha Wogee
Nrsringa Syamini
 Additional  Artists
 painting  but  not
pictured  were
Janet Toy
Lily Adamczyk
Geraldine Ahrens
Linn Stone
Jeanette Clinton
Bernie toy
Duane Webb